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Kinetic kind.

The Kinetic Kind is the term I use to describe individuals who value learning from and inspiring one another to keep moving forward. 

In a supportive, structured, and safe environment - free to share our experiences, thoughts, and feelings - we can open ourselves up to the valuable exchange amongst peers, broadening our perspective, and discovering new approaches to life.

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WhY group therapy?

Some of us do better in group settings. Simple as that.


The benefits of group therapy include:

~ Peer support in shared experiences

~ Increased accountability & motivation

~ Access to new perspectives & coping strategies

~ Safe spaces to request, receive & give feedback

~ Improvement in communication, empathy & self-awareness

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How does it work?

Let's review the basics.


€80 / month 


~ Online video sessions

~ In-person sessions* 


~ 5-8 members**

~ Two 90-minute sessions / month

~ Topic-focused groups

~ Sessions conducted in English


A 3-month minimum commitment is required in order to maintain the supportive structure of the group & allow each member to have a chance to contribute.

*For schools, teams, co-working spaces, & other organised groups, in-person sessions can be coordinated on location upon request.

**Due to the structure of the groups, and the number of members required, there may be a waiting list and some delay before you can begin group therapy. If you're looking to begin therapy immediately, individual sessions can be scheduled immediately, and according to your timeline. 

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Who does group therapy?

Anyone and everyone can explore the benefits of group therapy.


I support expats, remote workers and digital nomads, students at international schools and in study abroad programs, and anyone who prefers to begin their self-discovery journey with an English-speaking therapist.

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Where do i start?

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