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The first step in discovering you.

Most adults don't have a safe space to explore.

Working with a therapist provides a supportive and structured environment in which we can observe, identify, analyze, and understand our behaviours, thoughts, feelings, and emotions - uncovering hidden parts of ourselves, discovering new interests and ideas, testing out new approaches to life, and committing to moving through life authentically.

The "why" of your therapy journey is unique to you.

If you're struggling with stress and anxiety, low mood, building and maintaining relationships, planning your future, making decisions, or feeling unfulfilled in your daily life, therapy can help you examine your roots and uncover areas that may require some attention, adjustment, and adaptation.

If you're an expat, digital nomad, international student, or you just feel more comfortable starting your therapy journey with an English-speaking therapist, we may be a good fit.


Therapy is for everyone.


If you're ready to explore the process, it's worth a try.

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How does it work?

Let's review the basics.


Sessions are priced at €50 for a 50-minute, online session.

I also offer a 4-session bundle package at €170/month (15% off!).


Each session is 50 full minutes. The date, time, and frequency of the sessions is determined in our first meeting, and tailored to your schedule and needs. This is flexible, and may be adjusted over the course of our time together. 


There is no minimum commitment for individual therapy. For the best results, you can plan to get started with 10-12 sessions. 

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Where do i start?

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